Aims and Objectives

1. To give students a firm basis in the four language skills of English.

2. To develop students' functional competence in English that is of practical value. 

3. To equip students with the ability to complete public exams, develop a career and further their studies.

4. To enhance students' confidence and interest in learning English by creating an excellent learning environment.

5. To improve students' results in the public examinations.

6. To help students attain value-added performance in the English Language.

7. To cater for learner diversity & strengthen teachers' skills in curriculum planning.

8. To arouse students' interest in reading.

9. To develop students' competence in speaking.

10. To provide students with more opportunities to utilize English inside and outside the classroom.

11. To enhance teachers' teaching effectiveness through peer observation, professional sharing in curruculum period.


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